Garnets are a type of Karma Stone. Protects from negativity sending negative energies back to their origins!  It can enhance sexuality, sensuality and intimacy, It can help build self confidence and will create  a psychic shield in crowded places. 


It is said, the herb Damiana may be used for the an aphrodisiac, to increase one's psychic abilities,  astral travel, deep meditations, spirit quests, psychic dreams and saving energy stored in  a quartz crystal. Cool Huh? 



  Put some green in your life when you want:
4th chakra-Healing, Prosperity abundance, money, physical & emotional healing, growth, luck acceptance and to counteract envy/greed/jealousy. Yep all True!


 Hi I'm Fancy. I'm a Carin Terrier with           stuff   to say...K?   :)  

Today I wana talk about another crystal....crystals is my favrite things cause I have lots of stresses.  I got a new kwistal  now and I wanna share it with you!  It's called Blue Lace Agate!   It's soothing, calming and gives peace of mind. It helps communicate within your nature and the spiritual realms. Which is good for me cause I will be able to tell you and the spirits when I need belly rubs which is mostly always. My anxiety is gone and everybody's happy!      Win Win!

My life's gettin an enema for 2017  Thanks for readin my blog.  Blested Bee. 

Fancy before crystals

Fancy after crystals


Prosperity Candle Spell

 Need a more prosperous Life?

All you need is this...1 green candle

1 brown candle and 1 silver candle. 1.  Light the green and say.....

Money money come to me. 3 times.

Light the brown and say...

I desire financial stability. 3 times.

Light the silver and say...

Bring this change on the wings

of Mercury!  3 times.

As they burn have faith and believe.

                  Chamomile and Lavendar Tea

       Or as I call it...Night Time NumNum Tea

3 parts Chamomile
1 part Lavender
3 tsp sugar
a tea ball
         11/2 cups boiling water    

Instructions: Put water on to boil. Load a tea ball with the chamomile and lavender. Once the water is boiling put the tea ball in your favorite mug and pour the boiling water over it. Let steep for ten to fifteen minutes, add organic honey and enjoy!

This tea is for calming and helping you to sleep. It's best to drink it at night. 


                                                     ROUND THE CAULDRON pg 2                                                   Some things we'd like to talk about! 


         Featured Recipe                                                FEATURED HERB                                        FEATURED STONE